Title Uploaded on:
Goofing off at Papa's 08/Nov/2009
4th of July 2009 07/Aug/2009
Dance Recital 20/Jun/2009
Dancing Queen 24/Jan/2009
Lollerskates 24/Jan/2009
Alanna's first time on roller skates (Thanks Aunt Robin!)

Guitar Hero 1 24/Jan/2009
Alanna and her new Guitar. She's a natural!

Guitar Hero 2 24/Jan/2009
Alanna the hambone with her new guitar.

Duck Food 24/Jan/2009
Alanna Feeds the Ducks at Irvine park

3rd Birthday 24/Jan/2009
Alanna having fun at her birthday party.

Puddle Jumping 24/Jan/2009
Alanna - Puddle jumping outside Macy's at Main Place in Santa Ana

You Can Do it! 24/Jan/2009
Alanna climbs Mount Kitchenchair