The Girls
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Cats & Dogs 08/Nov/2009
ABC Rock! 24/Jan/2009
The sista's duet for some ABC melodies.

Tree Trimming 24/Jan/2009
The girls decorate the tree at Aunt Flo's house with help from cousins Kristina and Rebecca.

Bubbles 24/Jan/2009
Aunt Robin sent a new bubble maker to the girls for Christmas. We tried it out on a crisp December day.

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Goofing off at Papa's 08/Nov/2009
4th of July 2009 07/Aug/2009
Dance Recital 20/Jun/2009
Dancing Queen 24/Jan/2009
Lollerskates 24/Jan/2009
Alanna's first time on roller skates (Thanks Aunt Robin!)

Guitar Hero 1 24/Jan/2009
Alanna and her new Guitar. She's a natural!

Guitar Hero 2 24/Jan/2009
Alanna the hambone with her new guitar.

Duck Food 24/Jan/2009
Alanna Feeds the Ducks at Irvine park

3rd Birthday 24/Jan/2009
Alanna having fun at her birthday party.

Puddle Jumping 24/Jan/2009
Alanna - Puddle jumping outside Macy's at Main Place in Santa Ana

You Can Do it! 24/Jan/2009
Alanna climbs Mount Kitchenchair

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2nd Birthday 24/Jan/2009

1st Birthday 24/Jan/2009
Cece's first birthday, enjoying a cupcake at home.

SuperStar 24/Jan/2009
Playing her brand new cat organ thing, and singing!

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Tahitian Tattoo 24/Jan/2009
Hungover from a night of drinking too much of the local booze, on our last day on Bora Bora, we had the bright idea to get tattoos. Selena liked the idea since the art of tattoo originates in Tahiti. This hut is on the side of the main road about a mile from our hotel. The artist's name is Manara (or something similar).

Waimea Canyon 24/Jan/2009
The top half of a two part waterfall that we hiked to in Waimea Canyon.